Experience and understanding.

Since we started in 2012, we have worked with over 60 organisations across a wide variety of sectors to execute individual or sustained growth initiatives.

The Firestarter team is made up of high-quality, skilled professionals who understand the challenges, needs and goals of business leaders.

Ready for business
Working In Corporate Environments

We have spent years working within corporate and SME environments. We understand the loneliness and frustration that comes with the role of a business leader who needs to implement change or growth while balancing the day-to-day running of the business.

Out of these frustrations and challenges, we have developed the Firestarter Growth Programme. Tried and tested methodologies, tools and processes are used to help business leaders achieve their goals and develop their businesses.

We provide the benefit of our experience in a supportive, practical and targeted way.

Wide variety of sectors

“Firestarter has taught us to work on rather than in our business. They have given us instant access to skills and experience that we didn’t have before and an improved focus which has increased our sales performance.”

Elaine Lewis, Managing Director, Cadventure Limited

Work With Us

To help you understand more about the Firestarter Programme and how it can work for your company, why not try one of our introductory options - they are all free.


Attend a free training session

A case-study driven approach to demonstrate how the Firestarter Programme has helped other business leaders to achieve their goals and provide real-world examples of results achieved for other businesses.


Have a one-to-one meeting

An opportunity to get to know members of the Firestarter team, to benefit from their insight and to get an external perspective on issues that are affecting your company.


Download our leadership toolkit

Equipping business leaders with in-depth information about the Firestarter Programme and team. It will additionally provide information about how to ignite and sustain progress and growth within your company.