provides the skills, resources and support for business leaders and senior corporate managers to execute a programme of change or drive a growth initiative with guaranteed progress.

Our service provides plug-in teams not only to identify areas for change or growth but to give you the instant, on-the-ground support and horsepower to help make this happen.

Plug-in team

The Firestarter Programme works in two phases:


Plug in the skills and horsepower to begin.

The ignite phase consists of a rapid programme to integrate with your team, build an action plan and develop proof of concepts for change.

Analysis & Goals

We start off by getting to know you and your business, with a kick-off meeting and in-depth analysis of how the business currently operates and where the problems lie. We will also determine the frustrations, goals and needs of the business leader.

Action Plan & Execution

Our team work closely with you to create a targeted plan of action with specific, measurable and attainable aims. We break down the steps needed to achieve them into clear, tangible actions and set up the processes and resources required to execute the plan as an extension of your team within days.

Proof of Concept

Throughout this phase, we will test and review a range of initiatives and campaigns that will generate some initial results for proof of concept, helping business leaders to assess and implement the most effective initiatives to deliver guaranteed progress.


Guarantee progress and momentum.

The sustain phase of the programme aims to help business leaders reach a point where they feel comfortable managing, sustaining and continuing initial progress on their own.

Implementing Change

At Firestarter, we not only give you the tools and strategies you need to implement change or growth initiatives, we also assist with the implementation of these strategies. By helping with the day-to-day running of the business, we create more time for the business leader to focus on implementing change.

Drive Momentum

The delivery is a sustained programme of activity, and the use of the Firestarter toolkit and methodology to drive momentum and generate further results for the business.

Individual programmes are different for every business we work with, but could include a sales improvement programme, new market development, product & marketing strategy or internal skills improvement plan to name a few.

Unlike many external consultants who identify a problem or solution, but do not support with implementation, Firestarter work with business leaders at all levels to help them identify, implement and test strategies of growth or change, while ensuring that the business can continue to function day-to-day.

“The Firestarter team have brought real rigour and methodology to our business development, which has had an excellent effect. Without Firestarter we would have been 24-36 months behind our business plan.”

Jane Findlay, Managing Director, Fira Landscape Architechts

Work With Us

To help you understand more about the Firestarter Programme and how it can work for your company, why not try one of our introductory options - they are all free.


Attend a free training session

A case-study driven approach to demonstrate how the Firestarter Programme has helped other business leaders to achieve their goals and provide real-world examples of results achieved for other businesses.


Have a one-to-one meeting

An opportunity to get to know members of the Firestarter team, to benefit from their insight and to get an external perspective on issues that are affecting your company.


Download our leadership toolkit

Equipping business leaders with in-depth information about the Firestarter Programme and team. It will additionally provide information about how to ignite and sustain progress and growth within your company.